NAGT Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award

Each National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) section selects a section winner. Sections may also have State winners. Application forms are available here. The deadline varies with the eleven sections. In support of this award, AGI provides a copy of Over the Mountains and an Earth Science week kit to all section awardees and an Earth Science week kit to each state awardee.

2013 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Easter Section:  Russell H. Kohrs
Pacific Northwest Section: Helen Farr
New England Section: Erica Wallstrom
Central Section: Mary Lestina
Southeastern  Section: Olivia Boykin
Southwest Section: Cheryl L. B. Manning
North Central  Section: Rod Benson
Midcontinent Section:  Kathy Rusert
Far Western Section:  Herman Hilkey
Texas Section: Gary Poole

2013 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Michael Wing
New Jersey: Steven Carson
Virginia: Russell H. Kohrs
North Carolina: Mary Catherine Mills
Louisiana: Lacey Hoosier
Georgia: Nancy E. Adgate
Alaska: Jonathan Smith
Texas: Katie Wagner
Alabama: Alison Starr
Arizona: Jeremy Williams

2012 Section OEST Awardees Included:
North Central Section: Paul Fechtmeister
Eastern Section: Edward Cohen
Pacific Northwest Section: Marie Carver
Texas Section: Julie Dyess Archer
Southeastern Section: Kevin McMahon
New England Section: Ray Pavik

2012 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Judy Suprenant
Marlyand: Willy Herrera
West Virginia: Richard Sharpe
New Jersey: Edward Cohen
Virginia: Dorthy Edwards
North Carolina: Beverly Owens
Louisiana: Angie Plaisance
South Carolina: Crystal Talley
Georgia: Kevin McMahon
Alaska: Jennifer Bacus
Oregon: Marie Carver
Tennessee: Chris Vanags

2011 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Northeast Section: Karen A. Saul
Eastern Section: Rosemarie Sanders
Pacific Northwest Section: Frank R. Hladky
Texas Section: Michael R. Brunt
Southeast Section: Valerie Willis
Southwest Section: Bonnie B. Dodge

2011 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Susan Sharp
Marlyand: Jeana Essery
West Virginia: Michelle Turner
New Jersey: Billy Goodman
Virginia: Virginia P. Greenlaw
North Carolina: Tim Martin
Louisiana: Barry J. Guillot
South Carolina: Valerie Willis
Georgia: Ann S. Lenderman
Alaska: Kathleen Galau
Oregon: Frank R. Hladky
Washington: Dorinda Belcher Hearn

2010 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: De Anna Tibben
Eastern Section: Heather H. McArdle
Pacific Northwest Section: Chris Hedeen
FarWest Section: Nick Crooker
Southeast Section: Bryan Freeman
Southwest Section: Laura Lukes

2010 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Kim Ouderkirk
Alaska: David Gillam
Florida: Minerva Santerre
Georgia: Michael McClain
Iowa: De Anna Tibben
Indiana: Mark Ruckert
Louisiana: Chris Campbell
Maryland: Mona Becker
Minnesota: Kate Rosok
Mississippi: Brittany Brewer
New Jersey: Peter Dorofy
New York: Heather H. McArdle
North Carolina: Joshua David Roberts
Oregon: Mike Rockow
Pennsylvania: Karen Aucker
South Carolina: Jeanne Hartley
Tennessee: Bryan E. Freeman
Washington: Andrea Anderson

2009 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Dennis Dougherty
Eastern Section: Shelly Anne Witham
Pacific Northwest Section: Roger Groom
FarWest Section: Laura Hollister
Southeast Section: Cliff Hudson
Midcontinent Section: Richard Snyder
Southwest Section: Deborah Morgan

2009 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alaska: Victor Trautman
Arizona: Wendy Barnett
New York: Renee Aubry
North Carolina: Cliff Hudson
Illinois: Charles Simer
Oregon: Roger Groom
Maryland: Nina VanKleeck
Pennsylvania: Verle Emanuelson
Michigan: Dennis Dougherty
South Carolina: Derenda Marshall
New Jersey: Shelly Anne Witham
Tennessee: Frances Hamilton
Utah: Deborah Morgan
Virginia: James Ruffa
Washington: Herb Bergamini
West Virginia: Pamela Casto
Wisconsin: Mike Steiner

2008 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Theresa Le Huckleberry
Eastern Section: John D. Moore
Pacific Northwest Section: Jeff Hashimoto
FarWest Section: Anna Foutz
Southeast Section: Tina Coleman
Southwest Section: Suzi Shoemaker
New England Section: Gregg Wachtelhausen

2008 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Jennifer Grant
Alaska: Adam Low
Florida: Kathryn Bylsma
Georgia: Rebecca E. Chunn
Idaho: Robert Walker
Illinois: Kelda N. Huston
Illinois-Honorable Mention: Charles Simer
Indiana: Teresa Huckleberry
Louisiana: Wendy DeMers
Maryland: Susan EP Phillips
Michigan: Chris Bolhuis
Minnesota-Honorable Mention: Jim Rock
New Jersey: John D. Moore
New York: Christopher Visco
North Carolina: Robert Greenbert
Oregon: Jamie Rumage
Pennsylvania: Richard W. Schmidt
South Carolina: Dina Ledford
Tennessee: Tina Coleman
Virginia: Christopher Kaznosky
Washington: Jeff Hashimoto
West Virginia:Tiffany Litton

2007 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Paul Varsho
Eastern Section: Debra Faulkner
Pacific Northwest Section: Clay Good
FarWest Section: Diane Kelsey
Southeast Section: Patricia Royle
Southwest Section: Carol Ticho
New England Section: David Eatough

2007 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Natalie Lane
Alaska: Clay Good
British Columbia: Chris Loewen
Deleware: Michael Smith
Florida: Tanya Camaratta
Georgia: William Witherspoon
Idaho: Mike Emory
Iowa: Amanda Rae Schiller
Louisiana: Michelle Brand-Buchanan
Maryland: Linda Murphy
Michigan- Honorable Mention: Sue Merrill
Minnesota-Honorable Mention: Cheryl Sill
Mississippi: Patti Brooks
New York: David Robison
North Carolina: Sam Fuerst
Ohio: Chantelle M. Rose
Pennsylvania: Tiffany Hays
Puerto Rico: Julio DeJesus
South Carolina: Ina Eaton
Tennessee: Patricia Royle
Virginia: Debra Faulkner
Washington: Sheila Guard
West Virginia: Stefan Smolski
Wisconsin: Paul Varsho

2006 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Aaron Spurr
Eastern Section: Walter "Len" Sharp
Pacific Northwest Section: Jodi Harnden
FarWest Section: David Meade
Southeast Section: Bryan P. Byrne
New England Section: Marguerite (Margo) Murphy
Texas Section: Cristopher D. Marshall

2006 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Tim Ashley
Minnesota: Kirk Enzenauer
Georgia: William Waggener
New Jersey:Walter Patelunas
Iowa: Aaron Spurr
New York: Walter "Len" Sharp
Louisiana: Janelle Albarez
North Carolina Carrie A. Jones
Maryland: Christa Bowser
Pennsylvania: Jason Petula

2005 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Eastern Section: Bernard Picklo
New England Section: Anita M. Honkonen
Pacific Northwest Section: Lynda Sanders
Sourtheast Section: Rose Lummus
Southwest Section: Chris Donovan
Texas Section: Heather Marshall

2005 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Ashley Allen
Georgia: Gregory Lee Bailey
Maryland: Carole Sue Diehl
New Jersey: Ray Kucklinca
New York: Eugene Genova
North Carolina: Kathy Bosiak
South Carolina: Ida Wideman
Tennessee: Rose Lummus
Virginia: David Kielbowick, JR.
Washington: Mark Anderson
West Virginia: Ronald Sacco

2004 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Matt Leone
Eastern Section: Mary Sue Burns
FarWest Section: Noah Hughs
New England Section: Bruce A. Mellin
Pacific Northwest Section: Patt Ellis
Sourtheast Section: Tina King
Southwest Section: Anthony L. Occhiuzzi

2004 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Hurd Finnegan
Georgia: Nwakaego Okafor
Maryland: Eileen Heady
Minnesota: Ken Fiscus
New Jersey: Mark Shoengold
New York: Andrew P. Patrick
Ohio: Philip M. Lacey
Pennsylvania: William C. Erler
South Carolina: Thomas E. Littlejohn
Tennessee: Tina King
West Virginia: Michelle L. Adams

2003 Section OEST Awardees Included:
New England Section: Shelly F. Snyder
Eastern Section: Glenn Dolphin
Southwestern Section: Rita Grusemeyer
Southeastern Section: Christine Henry
Pacific Northwest Section: Shawn E. Doan
Central Section: Craig Wolter
Texas Section: Michael Milburn
Far Western Section: Joan Hacken Carter

2003 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Glen Dolphin
Maryland: Deano Smith
Pennsylvania: Bernard Picklo
South Carolina: Donna Petty
Tennessee: Christine Henry
Virginia: Robert Nicholson
West Virginia: Mary Sue Burns
Indiana: Kevin Leineweber
Minnesota: Craig Wolter
British Columbia: Chris Lock