EarthComm Earth's Fluid Spheres: Weather and Your Community Activity 1

Earth's Fluid Spheres book

How and Why Warm Air Rises

  • "What Causes the Weather?" -
    Article reviews the basics behind the causes of weather, focusing on the uneven heating of the Earth and the Earth's rotation. Also reviews the first law of equilibrium, which explains the physics of why warm air rises.
  • "Stability and Cloud Development" - John Hannan, Florida State University
    Reviews the mechanisms that cause air to rise. Includes a graphic that illustrates convective uplift, orographic uplift, frontal wedging, and convergence.

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Development of a Thunderstorm

  • "The Thunderstorm" - National Weather Service - NOAA
    Defines and gives facts on thunderstorms, explains the conditions necessary for thunderstorm development, the stages of a thunderstorm, and types of thunderstorms.

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To learn more about severe weather events in your community, visit the following web sites:

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