Earth System Evolution: ERRATA

Earthsystem Evolution book
It's About Time/AGI

Errata Notes on the 2001 Edition

Changes detailed below include both first printing errata and other changes made in subsequent printings to improve figures and the text.

Chapter 1: Astronomy and Your Community
  1. Page E26 & E27, Picture
    The moon image is reversed and the Tycho and Copernicus impact craters are on the wrong side of the moon. The image in the book shows the impact craters on the right side of the Moon, they are actually on the left. Please go to this website to view an animation that shows the correct moon phases.
  2. Page E39, Table of Objects
    The density of Comet Swift-Tuttle should be 1,000 kg/m3, not 5,000 kg/m3.
  3. Pages E44-45, Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites
    Last three sentences should read: "The rest are a mixture of iron-nickel and stony material. Most of the stony meteorites are called chondrites. Chondrites may represent material that was never part of a larger body like a moon, a planet or an asteroid, but instead are probably original solar-system materials.
  4. Page E72, Table 1 Selected Properties of Fourteen Stars
    Value for Diameter of Sirius B should read: "0.008.
  5. Page E75, Line 19; Figure 3 caption
    "NGC 603" should read: "NGC 604"
  6. Page E77, Figure 6 caption
    Should read: "…a supernova explosion first observed in the year AD 1054."
  7. Page E79, Inquiring Further, Question 2.
    NGC 603 should read: "NGC 604"

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Chapter 2: Climate Change and Your Community

  1. Page E90, Part C, Step 1
    Should read: "How do the rates at which rock and soil heat and cool compare to the rate at which water heats and cools?"
  2. Page E97, Part A, Step 1
    Should read: "Notice the arrow that marks the growth ring that formed 550 years before the tree was cut."
  3. Page E114, Figure 4
    Middle value for "tilt (degrees)" shown above the plot should read: "23.0"
  4. Page E121, Figure 2
    The label on the y-axis should read: "depth (m)"

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Chapter 3: Changing Life and Your Community

  1. Page E153, Figure 5
    Title of figure should read: "Important Evolutionary Events of Geologic Time"
  2. Page E176, Step 2, 3rd line
    Should read: "…Paleogene rocks of North America."

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