Understanding Your Environment: ERRATA

Understanding Your Environment book
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Errata Notes on the 2001 Edition

Changes detailed below include both first printing errata and other changes made in subsequent printings to improve figures and the text.

Chapter 1 - Bedrock Geology and Your Community

  1. Page U9, GeoWords, precipitation, line 2
    Change "separating" to "forming solid".
  2. Page U19, lines 15-16
    Change to: "…do not flow very easily and often cool to form granite before they reach the Earth's surface."
  3. Page U22, picture with "Devil's Postpile National Monument in California" caption
    The picture on pg. U22 is of Devil's Tower in Wyoming and not of Devil's Postpile National Monument in California.
  4. Page U22, Inquiring Further
    Change "Devil's Postpile National Monument, California" to "Devil's Tower, Wyoming"
  5. Page U26, Classification of Metamorphic Rocks Table, Texture Column
    Extend the definition of foliated rocks (pg G 174) to include compositional banding where similar minerals form
    planar or shaped preferred structures in which the long axis of individual grains show common alignment.
  6. Page U27, Figure 1
    Change "metamorphism" to "regional metamorphism".
  7. Page U35, Figure at bottom
    Note that the letter "A" refers to the steeply inclined fault to its left, not the erosional contact upon which it has been placed. This letter "A" should not be confused with "A" that marks the western edge of the cross section and the transect that marks it on the map above the cross section.
  8. Page U51, Figure legend
    Gneiss should be classified as a metamorphic rock.

  9. Page U51, Part A, #4b
    Should read each of the cross section BELOW
  10. Page U51 - Part A, #6
    Should read Figure E, not Figure 6.

  11. Page U52, Figure
    The simplified cross section should show erosional truncation of unit I by unit D at the unconformity. Figure (277 KB pdf).
  12. Page U56, Figure
    The Cambrian–Precambrian (Proterozoic) boundary should be 542 Ma.

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Chapter 2 - River Systems and Your Community

  1. Page U83, Reflecting on the Activity and the Challenge, left column, lines 3-4
    Delete “move more slowly and” from the sentence.
  2. Page U87, Figure 4
    See revised copy of figure (9 KB pdf).
  3. Page U92, Chart showing how to estimate roundness
    The value "1" should appear at the top of the vertical axis and at the right-hand end of the horizontal axis.
  4. Page U93, Part B, Step 1, lines 2-3
    Change to "…of coarse sediment (at least a few centimeters in diameter) collected…"
  5. Page U98, GeoWords
    Replace definition for downstream fining to "the decrease in sediment size downstream in a stream or river."

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Chapter 3 - Land Use Planning and Your Community

  1. Page U127, Figure 1
    The revised diagram shows correct placement of the headwaters of the North Platte River and Arkansas River relative to the continental divide. Figure (75 KB pdf).
  2. Page U132, Part A, Step 1, first sentence
    Replace with: “Measure equal masses of damp soil and rocks (about 1 kg of each, or enough to fill the container about 2/3 full). Place the damp soil in one container and the rocks in a second identical container.”
  3. Page U162, Step 1b, lines 9-10
    Change to: "Why do deposits of sand and gravel tend to be found…"

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