Dynamic Planet: Further Research

Web sites:


  • Science News
    Excellent source of articles describing the most recent and interesting events in scientific reserach.
  • Earth, AGI
    Published by the American Geosciences Institute, this magazine reviews current issues in the Earth Sciences and can serve as a valuable supplemental resource for teachers and students alike. Visit the web site for online articles and information about obtaining a one-year subscription (40% discount for AGI Member Society members; 65% discount for students).
  • National Geographic
    Excellent source of articles. Often includes helpful maps.


  • Mapping Earthquakes, 1989, 36 minutes, Dr. Bruce Bolt, Department of geology and geophysics, University of California at Berkeley, CA, 94720.
    Dr. Bolt describes mapping the location and size of earthquakes.
  • Natural Disasters, 35 minutes, Eyewitness, PBS.
    Explores the forces that shape our planet and affect our lives, from hurricanes to volcanoes.
  • Subject to Change, 1988, 17 minutes, U.S. Geological Survey.
    Earthquake hazards explained to teachers, planners, and layman.
  • Surviving the Big One – How to Prepare for a Major Earthquake: 1994, 60 minutes, KCET Home Video, P.O. Box 310, San Fernando, CA 91341, 800-343-4727.
    A comprehensive guide to earthquake preparedness
  • Savage Earth, PBS
  • "Secrets in Stone," by David Donnenfield Productions.
    1997, color, 31 minutes. Catalog #38417.
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