Investigation 7: Natural Hazards and Our Dynamic Planet

To learn more about earthquake hazards, visit the following web sites:

Hazard Identification Activity, USGS
Find out if your classroom and school are earthquake safe!

Reducing Earthquake Losses throughout the United States, USGS
This article focuses on preventing earthquake damage in the Pacific northwest.

The Mississippi Valley-"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On", USGS
Earthquakes can happen in the middle of the continent as well. Learn about the earthquake preparation in the Mississippi Valley.

To learn more about volcano hazards, visit the following web sites:

Volcanoes, Exploring the Environment, Wheeling Jesuit University/NASA Classroom of the Future
Learn more about volcanoes found in the United States.

Types and Effects of Volcanic Hazards, USGS
This page provides detailed information on the hazards of gas, lahars, landslides, lava flows, pyroclastic flows, and tephra.

To learn more about predicting earthquakes and volcanoes, visit the following web sites:

Common Myths About Earthquakes, USGS
Ever heard the animals can predict earthquakes? Find out the answers to a host of different myths and theories about predicting earthquakes or the causes of earthquakes.

Predicting an Earthquake, USGS
This page offers links to several articles about research into earthquake prediction

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