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To make a map like Nebraska Surface Cover and Counties, go to: Click "Land Cover Characteristics" so that a check mark appears in the box. Click or select the state you wish to map. To zoom in on an area, click the circle for "zoom in", and then click directly on the map area you want to zoom in on. In the upper-right corner, there are several additional data layers to choose from. If you wish to add features, click on the box next to the feature, and then again on the map.

To make a map like Lancaster County, Nebraska and Associated Watersheds, go to Enter the name of the county you wish to map.

The map Nebraska Watersheds in the Missouri River Basin & Counties came from the same site as Nebraska Surface Cover and Counties ( After selecting the state you want to map, scroll down in the list of features (upper right-hand corner) and select Hydrological Units (Watersheds). Click on the map to show this feature.


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