EarthComm Professional Development Program- Suggested Workshop Schedules

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This section outlines suggested schedules for capsule presentations (one hour), one-day sessions, and weeklong workshops. In each, the morning of day one is the same because it provides a general overview of EarthComm through direct experience with one chapter (in this case the volcanoes chapter is suggested, but that may be changed to fit local needs.) In each schedule, too, it is intended that the 5-E lesson model be used as the overarching structure. The second is a weeklong schedule that expands what is done in the day-long workshop. Adjusting these can create other formats. Note that times given on the right are elapsed time.

In developing these schedules it was assumed that each day would include six hours of session time and a one-hour lunch, making a seven-hour day. Within the session time there are two fifteen-minute breaks each day, one each in the morning and the afternoon. Lunch is placed after three session hours, leaving three more in the afternoon (e.g. a workshop starting at 9am would take lunches at noon and would disperse at 3pm each day.)

Capsule Presentation

This is a one to two hour presentation. If you have more than two hours for your presentation, use extra time to develop individual sections and respond to questions from your audience.

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Workshop Plans

In the weeklong workshop time is not as much of an issue, so many activities that were skimmed in the day-long can actually be performed. The schedule below follows the same general approach as the day long version with some expansions. The final three days are largely taken up with participants demonstrating activities.

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AGI's professional development programs for teachers are supported by generous contributions from corporate contributors of the American Geosciences Institute Foundation, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation, and ChevronTexaco.