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GeoSpectrum is the free electronic newsletter of the geosciences. Originally launched as a newsletter for the American Geosciences Institute in 1995, GeoSpectrum has been reborn as the go-to source of information on AGI's 51 Member Societies. The American Geosciences Institute coordinates and edits the publication, but it is the result of contributed materials from societies, geoscience organizations and others in the community.

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Gemstones of New Mexico

Cover of New Mexico Earth Matters Summer 2016 with pictures of the New Mexico desert and faceted gemstones
The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Summer 2016 issue of "New Mexico Earth Matters" is now available and features a story about the gemstones of New Mexico and the varying geological deposits they came from. Additionally they announced that the Association of American State Geologists and Geological Society of America Frye Award for Best Paper on Environmental Geology went to the Bureau's publication "Geology and Hydrology of Groundwater-Fed Springs and Wetlands in La Cienega, Santa Fe County, New Mexico." 

NDGS Looks at Paleontology Exhibits Across North Dakota, and more!

Cover of the July 2016 North Dakota Geo News that shows a picture of a family looking at dinosaur fossils in a museum.
The North Dakota Geological Survey July 2016 issue of Geo News is now available. This month they explored the many paleontology exhibits that are available across the state of North Dakota which include a spectacular array of dinosaurs including triceratops, mosasaur, and fossils that harken back to present day North Dakota's swampy past. There is also a story on what a trace fossil is, how LiDAR is used in North Dakota, growth in consulting firms, and challenges posed by the Edinburg Moraine. 

FREE: Paleontological Society Virtual Paleontology Short Course

Virtual Paleontology Short Course Flyer
The Paleontological Society will be offering a free short course on "Virtual Paleontology," Saturday, September 24th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, the weekend of the 2016 GSA Annual Meeting. It will cover how digial technology can be applied to paleontology, from 3D printing, to estimating body-mass of fossils. The event will begin at 9am. 

ASCE: Role of Civil Engineers in National Parks

Screen shot of the ASCE Executive Director post from Yellowstone
The Executive Director of American Society of Civil Engineers, the parent organization of the Geo-Institute, posted a dispach from Yellowstone National Park and reflected on the ways civil engineers helped shape it with roads, water systems, and hydroelectric systems among many others. Additionally, ASCE's Report Card for America's Infrastructure highlighted that in recent years over $12 billion has been deferred from park maintence. 

AAPG Announces Digital Immersive Geosciences Program with VWORLD

Screen shots of rock outcrops, related papers and geochemical overlays
The American Association of Petroloeum Geologists announced a partnership with French company VWORLD. Through this they will launch the first interactive digital publishing medium, the Digital Immersive Geosciences (DIG) platform. The DIG platform will allow geoscientists to experience rocks, outcrops and geologic formations from anywhere on the planet. The DIG technology was conecptionalized by an ad hoc committee of experts, and the prototype was introduced at the 2015 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Calgary. Demonstrations will be offered at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, and the full release of the DIG Program will be unveiled at the 2017 AAPG-ACE Centenial in Houston. 

GSA Recognizes its National Park Service Programs: GeoTeachers, EarthCache and GeoCorps

GIP participant, Ruth Coffey, wearing a bug-suit for mosquito protection and using an electric tape to measure depth to groundwater in a well at Assateague Island National Seashore

To celebrate the National Park Service (NPS) Centennial the Geological Society of America shared three posts on its Facebook Page about programs run by GSA and the NPS. It recognized its Geoscientists-in-the-Park Program, which is part of GeoCorps; its GeoTeachers Program that provides K-12 teachers with enriching field experiences in national parks; and for NPS' role in the development of GSA's EarthCache Program. There will be several sessions at the GSA Annual Meeting in Denver on how to "Find Your Park" including: “T27. Find Your Park (and Other Public Lands) One Internship at a Time: Two Decades of Providing Career Development Opportunities in Public Lands for Students and Recent Graduates” oral and poster sessions, and “T71. A Centennial Celebration of Geology and Hydrology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, and Resource Management” that will have two oral sessions ( ( and a poster session. Don't forget about the the International EarthCache Event Saturday, September 24th at the GSA Annual Meeting, or the EarthCache Focus Day during Earth Science Week.