Environmental Science for High School

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1992 tsunami damage in Indonesia

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The Nature Conservancy


Two environmental science units from the Nature Conservancy's Nature Works Everywhere program help high school students (grades 9-12) gain a global perspective on conservation. Both units include a teachers guide, lesson plans, student handouts, links, and videos. In Recording the Rainforest, students discover how science and acoustic technology can be used to protect the land, plants, and animals in one of the world's most diverse regions: Indonesian Borneo. Students learn about the topic through an interactive story map and a video highlighting The Nature Conservancy's research there. They also analyze real data to examine how sound can be used to assess landscape health and prescribe land management techniques that support biodiversity. Nature's First Defenders addresses various perspectives and issues involved in conservation, including how re relate to nature, how culture influences our viewpoints, and how we can address and reconcile differences. Students explore the issues through a video describing how indigenous people are reviving traditional stewardship in Canada; a Socratic seminar; and classroom discussions around human relationships with nature, environmental justice, indigenous rights, and environmental policy.

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