Fireballs in the Sky

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Multiple galaxies starting to fuse together

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Desert Fireball Network


Fireballs in the Sky is the award-winning outreach and citizen science program that connects the public with the research of the Desert Fireball Network, based at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Together with NASA, the research project is expanding to become a Global Fireball Observatory that aims to understand the early workings to the solar system by studying meteorites, fireballs and their pre-earth orbits. Through Fireballs in the Sky, the outreach extends the reach of the research and shares the exciting adventures of this blue sky science with the worldwide community. This innovative outreach program encourages global citizens to get involved in the research by reporting fireball sightings through the Fireballs in the Sky app. Through augmented reality, an intuitive interface and sensing technology of a smartphone app, anyone anywhere in the world can recreate their fireball sighting to contribute scientifically useful data.

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