NPS Junior Paleontologist Activity Book

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Trilobite fossil

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National Park Service (NPS)


This activity book for students ages 5-12 (around grades K-7) from the National Park Service's Junior Paleontologist Program presents facts, photographs, and games alongside more than a dozen activities exploring Earth's history, ancient plants and animals, and the changes in environment over time. Students can explore how fossils form in the Road to Fossilization board game; learn about plants and animals from different geologic time periods in activities such as Geologic Time and It's All Relative; or compare their size to the sizes of dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era in Everything is Bigger in Texas. Other activities encourage students to visit national park sites, such as Paleo-Park Passport, in which students collect stamps from parks they visit, and Climate Change, in which students discuss evidence of climate change with a park ranger at a national park site. Students can earn a Junior Paleontologist badge for completing the activities in the book. To receive a badge, students can give the completed book to a park ranger at a national park site or mail the completed book and their address to the program headquarters, and a badge will be mailed to them.

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