2017 Solar Eclipse: Library Outreach

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Hunter's Moon during a Lunar Eclipse

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Science-Technology Activities and Resources For Libraries (STARnet)


Thanks to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (with additional help from Google,) 2 million pairs of eclipse glasses were distributed free through public libraries in anticipation of this August’s solar eclipse.   More than 2,000 public libraries received a package of free glasses, plus an information booklet on how best to do public outreach about the eclipse. The project was conceived by three astronomers, Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College), Dennis Schatz (Pacific Science Center), and Douglas Duncan (University of Colorado.)  Together they brought the idea to Paul Dusenbery at the Space Science Institute, which already had an active network of libraries working with NASA to present space-science library programming.  Their STARNet library network project is managing the program. This site is a great way for everyone in the astronomical community to be of service to the public before the eclipse.

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