Coral Triangle Day (June 9)

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Glass sponges and corals

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World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)


The Coral Triangle Day is a massive celebration of the Coral Triangle, the world's epicenter of marine biodiversity, which encompasses the seas of 6 countries in the Asia-Pacific region: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste. This celebration is not exclusive to these six nations though and includes other countries that benefit from the Coral Triangle's rich marine resources. The event is celebrated in several locations around the Coral Triangle region through numerous activities but not limited to: beach clean-ups; sustainable seafood dinners and exhibitions; bazaars; and beach parties, among others - all carrying the message of ocean conservation under the overall banner of "shared waters, shared solutions." The Coral triangle Day is an annual, open-sourced event that brings together individuals, organizations, and establishments on one special day of the year to shed light on ocean conservation and the numerous ways to protect and conserve the Coral Triangle.

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