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Florida Mangrove roots

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Florida Geological Survey (FGS)


The Florida Geological Survey maintains an active Education and Outreach Program in keeping with its mission to collect, interpret, and provide objective quality geologic information about Florida. Florida’s geology is unique; topics that may be explored from this portal provide an exciting introduction to our fascinating and fragile natural heritage. Videos available to teachers make the sometimes unusual and often wonderful world of Florida geology easily accessible to students. In addition, the FGS hosts an annual Open House in celebration of Earth Science Week that features tours of our facility and interactive earth science activities for students from ages K-12. Home schooling parents and their children are our special guests at this event. The FGS also sends geologists to speak to local schools on a staff available basis. Open house during Earth Science Week; special evenings for Scouts and geologic tours; Location: Tallahassee, FL

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