The Astronomy of Many Cultures

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Orion Nebula

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Multiverse and Andrew Fraknoi


The teaching of astronomy in our colleges and high schools often sidesteps the contributions of cultures outside of Europe and the US mainstream. Few educators (formal or informal) receive much training in this area, and they therefore tend to stick to people and histories they know from their own training -- even when an increasing number of their students or audiences might be from cultures beyond those familiar to them. Luckily, a wealth of material is slowly becoming available to help celebrate the ideas and contributions of non-western cultures regarding our views of the universe. Sponsored by the Higher Education Working Group within the NASA Science Mission Directorate, this listing of resources about cultures and astronomy makes no claim to be comprehensive, but simply consists of a range of English-language materials that can be used both by educators and their students/audiences. We include formally published and web-based materials, as well as videos and classroom activities.

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