EarthComm: Earth's Natural Resources

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Earthquake-proof pipeline near San Andreas fault

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A typical day would not be possible without mineral resources to make the products we use, water resources to sustain our lives, keep clean, and cook our food, or energy resources to drive around and to provide our electricity. All these resources exist in abundance on our planet, but none will last forever without careful planning and management. While water is a renewable resource, if it is polluted it is not usable. Mineral resources are nonrenewable. Even given enough time, the Earth is not capable of making some types of deposits any more. Most of the energy resources we use are nonrenewable. We can find ways to use renewable sources such as the sun and wind but on a large scale we are still dependent on coal, oil, and gas. This module explores how we use these resources, where they come from, how they exist in our community, and how our use of resources affects the environment in our community. It includes numerous inquiries into aspects of resources that affect our use of them everyday.

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