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Greenhills Renewable Energy Dashboard (GRED)


Middle and high school educators can access data, documentation, and related resources describing the development of the Greenhills Renewable Energy Dashboard (GRED) at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The GRED initiative involved the installation of a rooftop wind turbine, a solar array, a green roof, and a rooftop weather station at the school. The setup performs continuous collection, display, and archiving of data from the apparatus, enabling students to work with real-world data to compare and contrast the performance of a wind turbine and solar array subject to the identical environmental conditions and to observe the impact of changing environmental conditions (as captured by the weather station) over periods of minutes, days, and months. The website features information and videos to support educators and administrators interested in duplicating the basic GRED capability (e.e., renewable energy assets, data acquisition hardware, real-time display, and on-premises data archive) at their schools.

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