Utah Geological Survey GeoData Archive System

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Lake Powell and Escalante Canyon in Utah

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Utah Geological Survey (UGS)


The UGS GeoData Archive System, part of our Geologic Data Preservation Project, contains Utah geologic- and wetlands-related scanned documents, photographs (except aerial), and other digital materials (resources) from our files and those gathered from other agencies or organizations in one web-based system. Individual data collections are accessible using the Data Collections links. Resources available to general users are all in the public domain or from the public record. Metadata describing each resource is searchable, along with map searching for resources that are local or site-specific in nature. Users are also encouraged to search the UGS Library for books and similar materials. Upon searching for specific resources, they may be viewed directly, or downloaded to your local device. Not all resources may be available to all users due to copyright and/or distribution restrictions.

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