Literacy for Science: Exploring the Intersection of the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core for ELA Standards

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This report presents a summary of the presentations and discussions from the workshop. The chapters do not directly follow the order of the sessions. Instead, the presentations and discussions at the workshop are grouped by topic. Chapter 1 addresses the rationale for the workshop. Chapter 2 includes an overview of the connections between English language arts and science. Chapter 3 describes the presentations and discussion around the nature of science text and talk. Chapter 4 includes examples of literacy for science in practice in the classroom from the perspective of curriculum developers and teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Chapter 5 addresses models of professional development for both novice teachers and practicing teachers. Chapter 6 presents the strategies and lessons learned from the efforts to scale up support for science education at the network, district, and state level. Finally, Chapter 7 presents themes, as well as some ideas for potential future research and policy, identified by some of the workshop participants. Appendix A is the workshop agenda, and Appendix B is a list of registered workshop participants. Appendix C contains biographical summaries for the steering committee members and workshop speakers. Many presenters prepared background papers to accompany their presentations. These papers are located on the BOSE project Website.

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