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Mars Terra Meridiani surface imagery from NASA's Mars Odyssey Spacecraft
Classroom Activities
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)

Children, ages 8–13, embark on an exploration of Earth's and the Moon's shared history in this 30 –minute introductory activity for the Explore! Marvel Moon module. They work in groups to determine the order of geologic events  — such as the formation of the Moon and when the bright crater of...

Hunter's Moon during a Lunar Eclipse
Classroom Activities
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)

Community members of all ages are invited to contribute photographs — taken with cell phones, film cameras, or more sophisticated equipment — of the Moon. The images are collected over the course of a month or more and posted in chronological order. The collection forms a library display...

Coal power plant, Kentucky
Classroom Activities
Minerals Education Coalition (MEC), American Coal Foundation (ACF)

Coal produces more than half of the electricity used in the United States, and is our most abundant domestic nonrenewable energy source. The students will comupte the cost of electricity used to light their classroom and their school for one hour through one year, the number of kilowatt ours of...

Discovery of new volcanoes on Jupiter's moon, Io
Classroom Activities
Inconstant Moon

Explore the Moon... discover its dramatic features and phenomena -- often beautiful, sometimes bizarre, always changing. Inconstant Moon will take you on a new tour each night, with maps, photos, explanations, animations, selected links, and even music! Inconstant Moon is intended as both an...

Hubble image
Classroom Activities
William P. Blair, Johns Hopkins University

A description of several classroom activities for investigating lunar phases, Earth-Moon distances, and lunar eclipses.

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