Nebraska Water Science Center (NEWSC)

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Water flowing on the Colorado River near Moab, Utah

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USGS Nebraska Water Science Center (NEWSC)


USGS scientists visit classrooms and participate in science festivals, teaching resources, water information; Location: Lincoln, NE Each year USGS Outreach teams in Nebraska visit with hundreds of school-age children and adults to provide information about water, geology and earth science. Our activities range from designing activities and coloring books for kindergarten classes to making presentations at conferences. We visit individual classrooms and participate in large festivals with thousands of students. We tailor our activities to be appropriate for different age groups and interests: coloring books and stories for children, activities for older children, and interactive multimedia presentations for high school students and adults. If you are a school teacher, festival/conference organizer or civic club member/officer, we would be glad to come share the facts about water and earth science with your class, festival or civic group. We also have some material available for use by teachers and for adult reference and self study.


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