National Weather Camp Program (NWCP)

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Hurricane Felix infrared image, 1995

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  • Location-based Outreach Programs


How the Weatherworks


Helping pre-college and college students (with a weather/science career focus) gain invaluable knowledge, skills and experiences. You'll find a listing of local social media sites along with local camp information on the interactive camp map. You can access national social media sites by clicking the social media icons atop this page. We have listed upcoming camp dates, application contacts and other information for each campsite, if available. Always check directly with a campsite to verify posted information. For some 15 years, weather camps have enabled students (primarily middle and high school levels) a chance to explore weather like never before. Taught by weather scientists and others with an understanding of meteorology, these camps afford students incredible insights into atmospheric and related processes and how these processes affect our lives daily. Now, there are more than a dozen camps nationwide - and more are coming. These camps, mostly at low-cost, are designed for young weather enthusiasts, students just interested in science, and future meteorologists.

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