0.5 km MODIS-based Global Land Cover Climatology

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Australia's Simpson Desert

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United States Geological Survey (USGS)


These data describe land cover type, and are based on 10 years (2001-2010) of Collection 5.1 MCD12Q1 land cover type data. The map is generated by choosing, for each pixel, the land cover classification with the highest overall confidence from 2001-2010, as described in Broxton et al., 2014. As such, they are reflective of the training data for the MDC12Q1 data. Near the edges of the map (generally within 0.05 degrees of 180 degrees longitude, and over parts of Antarctica-mostly south of -85 degrees latitude), we have also manually filled obvious spurious edge effects with nearby land cover types. The data has been re-gridded from the MODIS sinusoidal grid to a regular latitude-longitude grid, and the map has 43200x86400 pixels (corresponding to a resolution of 15 arc seconds).

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