National Association of Black Geoscientists (NABG)

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Students studying geology on a field trip in VT

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National Association of Black Geoscientists (NABG)


The National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists (NABGG) is a nonprofit organization established in June 1981 by a group of black geoscientists in the Houston/Dallas area. This organization is incorporated in the State of Texas with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. The NABGG was organized to: inform students of career opportunities that exist in the field of geosciences; encourage them to take advantage of scholarship programs, grant, loans, etc. that are established from minority students; give financial support to students pursuing degrees in Geology and Geophysics; follor the educational careers of the scholarship recipients; aid minority students in the search for summer employment and aid corporate members interested in obtaining summer employees for positions that will enhance the student's background and marketability; allow minority geologists and geophysicists to establish professional and inter-company relationships- and assist in the development of professional standards and practices of members within their geoscience careers and entrepreneurial pursuits.