Supporting 2YC Students with Disabilities

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Students taking water samples during field work

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Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education in 2-year Colleges (SAGE 2YC)


Disability, or differing ability, is a natural part of human existence. As faculty or instructors, we are in a position to minimize challenges that a disability might create for our students who live with disabilities, and to then help these students change their college stores from struggling to success. As a community, the field of geoscience has demonstrated proactive leadership in the area of open access to all intereted students. Major efforts include the development of the Consensus Statement Regarding Acces and Inclusion of Individuals Living with Disabilities in the Geosciences published by the American Geosciences Institute, and the work of organizations like the International Association for Geoscience Diversity. This website offers ideas and support for fostering access and inclusion of students living with disabilities, with particular emphasis on those studying geoscience at two-year colleges (2YSc).