Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Awards

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Scientists surveying soil information

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Smithsonian Libraries


This program provides a residency at one of the Smithsonian's libraries for mid-career educators working on publications or curriculum development and allows them to use its collections to further their research in science, history, culture, and arts. The Library offers excellent resources for developing curricula relating to Common Core, Core Arts Standards, and Advanced Placement Curricula. In addition to library resources, the awardee will have the opportunity to engage with staff and researchers at the National Museum of Natural History; attend Smithsonian or NMNH sponsored festivals, symposia, programs, and events to enhance the resident experience. Middle and high school teachers, college professors, and museum educators are eligible, but applicants must not be located within commuting distance of the NMNH and can't use the award to further doctoral or postdoctoral research projects.