Interactive map of environmental monitoring and management in Utah

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Screenshot of the Utah Environmental Interactive Map

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality provides a large amount of environmental monitoring and management information in interactive map form. The Utah Environmental Interactive Map includes information on:

  • Drinking water - includes public facilities, ground- and surface water protection zones, irrigated crop consumptive use zones, source water assessment zones, water rights
  • Water quality - includes assessed lakes, monitoring locations, underground injection control, groundwater permits, mercury measurements in fish tissue
  • Air quality - includes monitoring, emissions (large industrial, oil and gas), permitting and compliance
  • Environmental response and remediation - includes brownfield sites, environmental incidents, munitions information, toxic release inventory, underground storage tanks
  • Waste management and radiation control - includes solid waste facilities, hazardous waste and used oil, low-level waste disposal and uranium mills

The map can be searched on a statewide basis or for individual regions, cities, or addresses. Much of the data can be downloaded for further use and analysis.

Click here to access the Utah Environmental Interactive Map.

Source: Utah Department of Environmental Quality