Interactive map of natural hazards and resources in Puerto Rico

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Screenshot of the interactive map of Puerto Rico

The Government of Puerto Rico's Portal Datos Geograficos Gubernamentales (governmental geographic data portal) provides a range of information on natural hazards and resources in Puerto Rico, which can be viewed in a GIS program. The interactive map includes:

  • Lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Landslide susceptibility
  • Tsunami inundation zones
  • Flood risk
  • Potential agricultural lands

Additional layers include administrative boundaries and buildings & structures, allowing users to see how different features impact specific regions, homes, and infrastructure.

Note: As of October 2016, this interactive map is no longer available in a web application. However, you can still view the interactive map and download the data using a GIS program - there are both free and commercial programs available online.

Click here for more information about this service, including links to the GIS data file and suggestions for GIS programs that you can use to access it.

Source: Government of Puerto Rico