2014 Annual coalbed-methane regional groundwater monitoring report: Powder River Basin, Montana

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Montana and the surrounding states have a unique geology that presents many opportunities for valuable continuing research on mineral deposits. Research centered on economic geology and mineralogy can lead to a better understanding of the mineral deposits in this region, and thus the discovery of future exploration targets that have potential for development into operating mines. Mining has long been, and will continue to be, vital to the economy of Montana and the surrounding region.

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology hosted its first Mining and Minerals Symposium on the Montana Tech campus, May 8–10, 2015, to provide a forum for the presentation of economic geological and mineralogical research. The symposium was designed for professionals, students, and non-professionals all to participate and present ideas. The intent of this symposium was to encourage future and ongoing economic geology research in Montana and the surrounding region, and to provide an opportunity for those conducting such research in the northwestern states to present and discuss their work.

Presentations covered a variety of topics, including ore genesis, mineralogy, mining methods, and mineral resource geology covering Montana and South Dakota. Abstracts submitted by the speakers are presented in the following meeting proceedings.

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