2014 Report on Ohio Mineral Industries: An Annual Summary of the State's Economic Geology

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For the year 2014, reports were filed for 114 coal-mining operations, including three mines with their own coal-washing facilities. Coal production was reported from 53 of these operations. Reports also were filed for six separate coal-washing plants and associated facilities. Of the 564 industrial-mineral-mining operations known to be operating in 2014, 335 operations were reported as active. A total of 41 mines reported production of multiple mineral commodities. There were 715 new wells completed for oil and gas in 2014, of which 699 were productive and 16 were dry. The total value of coal was $1,083,238,419; the value of oil and gas was $3,142,833,605; and the total value of all nonfuel industrial minerals was $1,092,252,405 in 2014.

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