Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity, 1998

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The Colorado Geological Survey Mineral and Mineral Fuels Section estimates the total value of 1998 mineral and mineral fuel production in Colorado to be $2,769 million dollars (Fig. 1). Mineral fuel production value for 1998 is estimated at oil—$280 million, natural gas — $1,349 million, carbon dioxide — $77 million, and uranium and vanadium — $15 million. The total value of oil, natural gas, and carbon dioxide production in 1998 w a s $1,714 million, a 15 percent decrease from the 1997 value of $2,026 million. Lower oil and natural gas prices and decreased oil production are the primary reasons for the decline in value. Natural gas production in the state reached a new record of 692 billion cubic feet in 1998.

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