Geology of the Hookers Hot Springs area, Galiuro Mountains, southeastern Arizona

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Hookers Hot Springs is located approximately 70 km (40 miles) east of Tucson, Arizona, and is within the Hookers Hot Springs 7.5’ Quadrangle in the southern Galiuro Mountains. The hot spring itself is on the southwest flank of the wide wash in Hot Springs Canyon, east of the San Pedro River. Water temperature is reported at 52° C. Hookers Hot Springs and surrounding land are part of the Nature Conservancy’s Mule Shoe Ranch Preserve. Arizona Geological Survey geologists were granted permission to access the area in 2014. Jon Spencer and Brad Johnson of the Arizona Geological Survey mapped the geology of approximately 18 km2 (7 mi2) to identify geologic features that potentially influence groundwater hydrology. Lisa Peters of the New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory determined the age of three rock samples. It was hoped that geologic features could be identified that are responsible for the hot water emanating from the spring. Ultimately, this geologic study was intended to provide better understanding of the geothermal resources in the area.

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