Geoscience for America's Critical Needs: Invitation to a National Policy Dialogue

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The geoscience community has the knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to address a wide range of societal needs. We study Earth’s systems, the complex geologic, marine, atmospheric, and hydrologic processes that sustain life and the economy. Geoscience expertise allows us to better understand and predict the interactions between people and Earth’s systems; such expertise is essential to developing solutions to critical economic, environmental, health, and safety challenges. The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) connects Earth, science, and people by serving as a unifying force for the geoscience community. On behalf of the geoscientists represented by the 51 member societies of AGI, we invite you to join us in a dialogue on how to achieve our shared interests in meeting America’s critical needs. This document outlines high-level actions to address major policy issues where the geosciences play a significant role.

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