Geothermal resources of southeast Oregon, Final report to Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, Portland General Electric Company

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Recent developments in the energy supply of the Pacific Northwest, such as the continuing controversy over the impact of hydro dams on salmon, and the closure of the Trojan nuclear plant suggest that alternative energy sources may become more economically competitive. Although the geothermal resources of the Oregon Cascades have received a tremendous amount of study, the geothermal resources of southeast Oregon's Basin and Range province (Figure 1) are relatively unknown outside of a few Known Geothermal Resource Areas (KGRA's). The presence of numerous hot springs, high regional heat flow and broad geologic similarities with the geothermal zones of Nevada suggest significant potential, underscored by the attempted development of a resource in the Alvord Desert of Hamey County, Oregon by Anadarko. Still, the basic geothermal geology of the region is poorly known outside of the KGWs, and an improved understanding of this geology could attract significant commercial exploration by identifying new prospects.

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