Groundwater Availability Modeling Under Drought Conditions, Lower Racoon River Aquifer, Dallas and Polk Counties, Iowa, Drought Assessment

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Based on available pumping records, an average of 14.6 billion gallons of water are pumped from the Lower Raccoon River aquifer each year. Additional water production is available from the aquifer, but limitations exist during extremely dry years. Additional pumping capacity ranges from 10 percent in the West Des Moines well field, to over 1,000 percent at Adel. Potential well yields greater than 500 gallons per minute (gpm) are found near Adel, Van Meter, and West Des Moines. The highest potential well yields occur east of Adel, and are the result of the cobble and boulder zone found at the base of the aquifer, and the abundance of induced recharge from the nearby sand and gravel quarries and the Raccoon River.

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