Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of clayey till at the Sioux Falls landfill, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota will expand their municipal landfill in the near future. The landfill is constructed in fractured clayey till. During the last several years, sites with low-permeability sediments, such as clayey till, have often been selected for landfills and other disposal facilities. The clayey till at the Sioux Falls landfill is a low-permeability sediment of this type. This research project was designed to further the understanding of water movement in the till. A better understanding of water movement in till will facilitate an efficient design for an environmentally sound landfill. During the research, the general concept of water movement in till was examined. The results obtained in this study are applicable to other similar low-permeability settings.

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  • critical issues, database publication, waste management, south dakota