Results of monitoring from 1989 through 1997 for the Statewide Ground Water Quality Monitoring Network

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The statewide ground water quality monitoring effort is an endeavor to monitor sensitive aquifers in South Dakota for non-point sources of contamination and long term trends in water quality. The purpose of this report is to describe monitoring activities and results related to the statewide ground water quality monitoring effort for the years 1989 through 1997. Figure 1 is a map of South Dakota on which the locations of the monitored aquifers are plotted. This figure shows the entire monitoring network as of 2001 even though this report provides results of monitoring activities only through 1997. Therefore, results from wells installed after 1996 are not discussed in this report. This means that there are no results in this report from the Arikaree, Chapelle Creek, Coteau Lakes, Cow Creek, Elm, Okobojo Creek, and Spring Creek aquifers. It is emphasized that, due to limited information in many areas, the aquifer boundaries shown on this figure are very approximate and should not be used for purposes outside of this report. Figure 1 also shows the locations of the wells comprising the monitoring network. The aquifer, location, and depth corresponding to each well are indicated on table 1.

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