AGI Curriculum Supplements

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Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
AGI worked with NASA to develop an activity, Exploring Remote Sensing, to be part of this publication.

Science Play Activities
This booklet of simple science activities was originally developed with funding from Schlumberger to provide simple science lessons to parts of Ecuador affected by the April 2016 Earthquake there.

Visualizing Earth Systems: Teaching Activities Guide
Developed by Dr. Alexandria Guth (Michigan Technological University) in cooperation with AGI to support the 2015 Earth Science Week theme, Visualizing Earth Systems, this booklet provides activities and basic explanations about the electromagnetic spectrum and remote sensing.

Inquiry-based Teaching with Scientific Visualizations
AGI and NASA collaborated on approaches to using scientific visualizations, such as those produced at the NASA-Goddard Scientific Visualizations Studio, to promote inquiry-based science teaching.

Informational Text Strategies
"Informational text" provides factual information about the world to readers. Being able to understand these texts is an important skill for college and career readiness. As well, many readers find informational text highly motivating, since the topics that are covered may be of great personal interest.

Energy Literacy Lesson Plans
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the student analysis guide and teacher guide to get your students actively thinking about the 7 Essential Principles of Energy.