Investigation 1: There's No Place Like Home

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To learn more about how the Earth looks from space, visit the following web sites:

Creating Custom Map Images of Earth And Other Worlds, SERC
This Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter familiarizes users with Jules Verne Voyager, a freely available online map tool that includes data for Earth as well as 19 other planets and moons. Users explore the range of available data and create a variety of map images, then save and import the images into a presentation or a word-processing document. In addition to data for Earth, Voyager has at least one type of data for all planets and moons of the inner solar system. Recent data for Jupiter, Saturn, and many of their moons are also available.

Seasonal Changes in Sun Reaching Earth, McDougal Littell
View images that show a satellite view of Earth every day for a year. These images demonstrate the changing illumination of Earth throughout the four seasons.

To learn more about what the interior of the Earth is like, visit the following web sites:

Earth's Interior, Nevada Seismological Laboratory
Find out more about how scientists understand the Earth's interior.

Inside the Earth, USGS
Read a brief description, with figures, of the internal structure of the Earth.

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