Materials and Minerals: Further Research

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  • Science News
    Excellent source of articles describing the most recent and interesting events in scientific reserach.
  • Earth, AGI
    Published by the American Geosciences Institute, this magazine reviews current issues in the Earth Sciences and can serve as a valuable supplemental resource for teachers and students alike. Visit the web site for online articles and information about obtaining a one-year subscription (40% discount for AGI Member Society members; 65% discount for students).
  • National Geographic
    Excellent source of articles. Often includes helpful maps.


  • The following videos, which are available in English and French, are distributed by: International Tele-Film Enterprises Ltd.
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    Mining and Minerals Vignettes (23 minutes, 17 seconds):
    1- Exploring for Minerals (4:20)
    2- Panning for gold (2:57)
    3- Exploration geologists (3:42)
    4- Underground mining (3:00)
    5- Surface mining (3:40)
    6- Mining gypsum (3:03)
    7- Mining potash (3:03)
    Target audience: High school and university students, general public.

    Geoscience Mapping (4 minutes, 30 seconds):  This video looks into the study and application of geoscience, identification of mineral resources and geological mapping provide a base for the mineral industry of Atlantic Canada. Target audience: High school students and general public.

  • Education Videos include:  SME
    Common Ground, Out of the Rock
    Let's Do Mineral Science
    Let's Do Mineral Science by Society for Mining
    Metallurgy and Exploration

    $10 each + shipping and handling.
    PH: 303-973-9550 and 800-763-3132
    FAX: 303-973-3845
    8307 Shaffer Parkway, PO Box 277002, Littleton, CO 80127

  • Minerals and Their Properties (VLC027), Visual Learning Company
    (PH) 800-453 -8481 or email
    This 20-minute video addresses the following concepts and terminology: inorganic, luster, streak, color, cleavage and fracture, specific gravity, hardness, Mohs scale, ore, metals, and gemstones. It includes a 15-question video review, 30-page Teacher’s Guide with 10 Student Masters, closed captioned ©2001 $89.95
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