Investigation 3: Mixing Materials

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To learn more about chemical mixtures vs. physical mixtures, visit the following web sites:

Mixtures, Northwestern State University
Get a basic introducation to mixtures by surfing this site. Visualizations of mixtures and links to related information on this site. An online glossary, applications, and a quiz are offered, too.

Chemical and Physical Change, Northwestern State University
Access online videos of chemical and physical mixing by clicking on this link.

To learn more about alloys and their properties, visit the following web sites:

Composition and Physical Properties of Alloys, Oliver Seely, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry at CSU Dominguez Hills
A table that presents the composition and physical properties of many common alloys.

To learn more about the relationship between concrete and cement, visit the following web sites:

Cement and Concrete Basics, Portland Cement Association
A wide range of information on concrete (i.e., components, hydration processes, and its different forms) is accessible to users by visiting this site.

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