Investigation 6: Extracting Minerals

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To learn more about ore processing, visit the following web sites:

Basic Ore Processing, Newmont Mining Corporation
Learn about the methods used to separate minerals from their host rock.

To learn more about tailings and if they are dangerous, visit the following web sites:

Safety of Tailings Dams, Wise Uranium Project
This site will give you an introduction to tailing dams and the possible failures that could occur. The proper way to handle tailings is also discussed.

New World Gold Mine and Yellowstone National Park, Cooke City, Montana
Investigate the potential hazards of developing mineral deposits located near Yellowstone National Park.

TED Case Studies: Mining in Papua (New Guinea), American University
The focus of this study is the environmental effects of the mineral resources development in Papua, New Guinea. Learn why local residents, particularly those of the Bougainville region, have taken to armed resistance to protest the mining industry.

To learn more about characteristics of deep mines, visit the following web sites:

Bureau of Deep Mine Safety, Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
Visit this site to read about a miner's first day working in a deep mine.

To learn more about human health problems associated with methods of mining, visit the following web sites:

Mine Safety and Health Administration - MSHA, US Department of Labor
Explore critical issues regarding the health of miners. Information on the hazards of mines as well as consequential health conditions of mining over time are offered at this site.

The Environment Matters
Miners are victims to a variety of occupational hazards. Read the information provided on this page to get an overview of the different types and frequency of hazards the workers of one company have experienced.

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