Investigation 3: Ocean Currents and Circulation

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To learn more about movement of heat on the Earth, visit the following web sites:

Role of the Ocean in Weather, Ocean World
Find out more about the connection between ocean deep water currents, surface currents, and climate changes.

To learn more about currents in the ocean, visit the following web sites:

Gulf Stream Temperatures, NASA's Visible Earth
Explains this ocean current, which plays an extremely important role in regulating global climate. Includes a high-resolution satellite image.

Water on the Move, Oceans Alive!
Discussion covers tides, waves, and currents.

Currents, Ocean World
Learn about the effects of wind on currents, foces on currents, gyres and eddies, and how currents are measures.

Ocean Current Data, National Oceanographic Data Center
Provides links to multiple ocean current data sets.

IES Oceans Cover
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