Investigation 4: Mapping the Ocean Floor

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To learn more about the measuring ocean depths, visit the following web sites:

Sounding Out the Ocean's Secrets, National Academy of Sciences
Discusses the history and development of SONAR.

To learn more about the shape of the ocean floor, visit the following web sites:

Physical Features of the Ocean Looking at the Sea, Oceans Alive
Find out more about features on the ocean floor. What is the total area of ocean basins? What and where is the deepest point of all the oceans? What and how tall is the highest mountain?

Click on your ocean basin of interest to learn more about its physical features:

Deep-Sea Sample Repository: A Long History of Coring the Ocean Floor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Deep-Sea Sample Repository
This site offers students an opportunity to take a virtual field trip on a research cruise to gather deep-sea sediment cores from the ocean floor.

Find a global map showing physical features of the ocean floor

How to Find a Map

IES Oceans Cover
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