Oceans: Further Research

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National Data Buoy Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

SeaWiFS Image Gallery, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Satellite photos. Including biological ocean "blooms", thermal images of upwelling, and ocean storms.

Classic CZCS Scenes, NASA
Coastal Zone Color Scanner images show a great deal about biological productivity and currents in the ocean. This tutorial shows the range of information that can be gleaned.

Oceanography from the Space Shuttle, NASA
Selection of oceanographic images, taken by NASA astronauts.


City of Coral, NOVA Video
Shows why Caribbean coral reefs are some of the most biologically diverse locations on Earth.

Volcanoes of the Deep, NOVA Video
Fascinating look at the geological and ecological marvels of an undersea volcano

Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef, NOVA Video
A look at Australia's amazing coral reef, the largest in the world.

Eyewitness Video: Ocean (1997)
Discusses the history of humankind's relationship with the ocean, from the history of sailing to modern day knowledge of the ocean's role in regulating climate.


The Oceans, Ellen J. Prager, Sylvia A. Earle
McGraw-Hill, (2000), ISBN: 0071352538
Chronological study of the oceans, arranged by geologic eras (Paleozoic, Cenozoic, etc.)

Mapping the Deep: The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science, Robert Kunzig
W.W. Norton & Company (2000), ISBN:0393320634
Well-rounded tome, covering both geological and biological perspectives of oceanography.

Encyclopedia of the Sea, Richard Ellis
Knopf (2000), ISBN: 0375403744
Easy-to-read reference on virtually every imaginable aspect of the ocean

Deep-Ocean Journeys : Discovering New Life at the Bottom of the Sea, Cindy Lee Van Dover
Perseus Press (1997), ISBN: 0201154986
Focuses on the biology of the deep oceans, compiled from the author's diving experience and other research.


DISCOVER, March 1999, "Drugs From the Sea", (Rosie Mestel)
Discusses an area of active marine research: Marine Pharmacology.

DISCOVER, November 1993, "Oceans Divided", (Kathy A. Svitil)
Discusses plate tectonics and the formation of the Isthmus of Panama, a seminal event in "recent" geologic history.

Scientific American, August 1998, Special Issue, "The Oceans"
Includes articles on seafloor topography ("The Oceans Revealed"), the origins of water on earth, the effect of global warming on earth's oceans, the role of the oceans in regulating climate and weather, and more.

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