Investigation 1: Different Types of Rock

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To learn more about different types of rocks, visit the following web sites:

What are the basic types of rock?, Rogue Community College
This site lists the basic descriptions of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. Detailed information on each type of rock is also available.

To learn more about Sedimentary Rocks, visit the following web sites:

Sedimentary Rocks, Tulane University
Learn about clastic, chemical, and biogenic rocks. Also provides information on sedimentary structures and facies.

Sedimentary Rocks, U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service
An introduction of the types of sedimentary rocks.

Image Gallery for Geology, University of North Carolina
See more examples of sedimentary rocks.

Sedimentary Rocks Laboratory, Georgia Perimeter College
Read a thorough discussion of clastic, chemical, and organic sedimentary rocks. Illustrations accompany each description.

To learn more about Igneous Rocks, visit the following web sites:

Igneous Rocks, U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service
An introduction to igneous rocks.

Magmas, Igneous Rocks, Volcanoes, and Plutons, Tulane University
Learn about the kinds of igneous rocks, volcanoes, and magmas.

Igneous Rock Classification, James Madison University
Read an advanced discussion of igneous rock classification. Site includes a table with some of the information in a more condensed form.

To learn more about Metamorphic Rocks, visit the following web sites:

Metamorphic Rocks, U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service
An introduction to metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks, Tulane University
Find out what happens when temperature and pressure deform a rock. Includes clear black and white diagrams to support each explanation.

To learn more about the Rock Cycle, visit the following web sites:

The Rock Cycle: A Traditional Diagram and Description, Georgia Perimeter College
Basic rock cycle diagram that targets middle school students and teachers.

Cycles: The Rock Cycle, Classroom of the Future/NASA
A simple description of the rock cycle.

The Story of Rocks and Soil, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Biospheric Sciences Division
Reviews how soil is formed from the weathering and erosion of rocks exposed at the Earth's surface. Click on the terms to be linked to a new page which relates to the term.

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