Investigation 5: Erosional Landforms

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To learn more about moving water and landscapes, visit the following web sites:

Erosional Features of Big Bend National Park, Cain and Leslie Neal, Texas A&M University
View pictures and see explanations of erosional featers in this Big Bend National Park Virtual Field trip.

Earth's Water: Rivers and the Landscape, USGS
Review of some basic concepts regarding the effect of rivers on shaping landforms.

To learn more about rivers and the rock cycle, visit the following web sites:

River, Thinkquest
Includes discussion on physical aspects of rivers, river case studies, and rivers of the world.

The Bay Ecosystem, Chesapeake Bay Program
Read a general overview about the role of the erosion and sedimentation processes in shaping the ever-changing map of the Chesapeake Bay.

To learn more about waves and shorelines, visit the following web sites:

Wave Erosion, TERC
Brief animation and pictures of wave erosion formations.

Erosion of a Sea Stack, USGS
A series of photographs showing the history of rock erosion off the coast of Oregon. Clearly Illustrates the concept that rocks are eroded by waves.

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