Investigation 7: Glaciers, Erosion and Deposition

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To learn more about glaciers, visit the following web sites:

Warnings from the Ice, NOVA
The companion site to the NOVA program about the Antarctic glaciers

Cryosphere, Rice University
Provides general information on glaciers as well as more detailed information on Antarctica.

All About Glaciers, NSIDC
A glacier site suitable for people of all ages.

Coastal-Change and Glaciological Maps of Antarctica, USGS
Climate change and effects on glaciers as seen on Antarctica. Uses Landsat imagery.

Glacier Satellite Imagery, USGS
Site that contains glacier satellite imagery.

The following sites have information on glacier related videos:

The Collapse of a Glacier, YouTube
Incredible footage of a glacier collapse.

Retreating Glacier, YouTube
In Pucarumi, a small community in the foothills of the snow-capped Peruvian Andes, Felipe mulls the fate of the life-giving Ausangate glacier. Year after year, the great white glacier of his boyhood has receded and slowly turned black.

Glacier National Park DVD, YouTube
View this YouTube video on Glacier National Park.

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