AGI Leadership Forum 2015

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Monday, September 28, 2015 - 9:00 EDT
American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave., NW, Washington, DC

The Future of the Scientific Society

The 2015 AGI Leadership Forum is designed to bring together today's society leadership to look at the future of our organizations.  The intent is to cover a number of key topics, spurred on by invited provocateurs who will speak about their view of these issues today, followed by discussion amongst the participating societies.  Our hope is that these discussions will help identify critical issues and innovative solutions that will ensure geoscience societies of all sizes and direction will flourish into the future.

Preliminary Agenda

8:30     Breakfast

9:00     Introductory Remarks  -  Eric Riggs, President, AGI

9:15     Scientific Society Business Models

What is Working?  How are Models Evolving? What is Sustainable?

Provocateurs: Vicki McConnell, GSA and Cathy O'Riordan, American Institute of Physics

11:00 Scientific Publishing

How are Emerging Technologies/Social Trends Impacting Society Publishing?

Provocateur: Kent Anderson, Publisher, AAAS                             

11:45 Messaging

Getting our Message to the Public and Policymakers

Provocateur: Steve Pierson, Director of Policy, American Statistical Association

12:30  Lunch

1:20    Critical Needs Document – Maeve Boland

1:30    Nature and Scope of Scientific Meetings

What is the Purpose of Your Meetings?  What Innovations have been Tested?  How do you Innovate?

          Provocateur: Christopher Keane, Moderator

3:00  Membership Services

Other than Meetings and Publications, what future services will Scientific Societies provide to their Members?

          Chris McEntee, AGU Executive Director

4:15  General Discussion   Pat Leahy, AGI Executive Director

International outreach, membership patterns

5:00   Adjourn

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